Web Color Palette & Typography

The central Penn homepage was redesigned and launched the spring of 2015 in order to better reflect the Penn of today.

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Web Color Palette

Style Guide- Most Common Colors

Most Common - The background, accent, and neutral colors mostly commonly used on the website.

Style Guide- Base Colors

Base Colors - The foundational colors for the website. Tints and shades are reserved for color contrast. *Indicates main use.

Style Guide- Neutrals

Neutrals - The neutrals have a tint of blue for a cooler effect. Note that while not shown here, a pure white (#ffffff) is used often. *Colors in bold are used more often.

Style Guide- Accent Colors

Accent Colors - Used on rare occasions when more colors are needed. Tints and shades are reserved for color contrast. *Indicates main use.

Style Guide- Accents & Priority

Accents & Priority - When it’s necessary to bring in additional accent colors, use this as a guide. Penn Blue is the base color and most often used, though Blue and Red combinations are also prevalent.

Web Typography

The website design utilizes four fonts from two typefaces. Open Sans is used most. Gentium Basic is used less often and reserved for style and contrast. All are available for use in the Google Web Font library. Both typefaces were selected for their similarities to Stone Serif and Stone Sans as seen in other University of Pennsylvania materials outside of the web.

Style Guide- Typography