University Policies

Principles of Responsible Conduct

Penn’s underlying expectations for the conduct of all University and Health System activity.

Adherence to University Policy

Penn’s expectations for employee compliance to laws, policies, and procedures.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Information about reporting suspected policy non-compliance and about policies prohibiting retaliation against report claimants.

Conflict of Interest

Extramural and institutional policies on what constitutes an employees’ improper benefit from their position of trust at Penn (for research-specific policies, see below).

Use of Penn Name

Policies related to the sanctioned use of the University name in official, licensed, and private capacities.

EEO and Affirmative Action

Penn’s Nondiscrimination Statement and the University’s policy on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

Sexual Misconduct (PDF)

Code of conduct, available resources, and procedures for resolving complaints of sexual harassment within the unit or at the University level.


Student and Academic Life

The Pennbook

A collection of policies related to student life at Penn, including the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct.

Faculty Handbook

A set of policies governing faculty life at Penn, including links to policies on frequently searched topics.

Policies on Graduate Education

University-wide policies for Ph.D. and research master’s programs.


Research and Sponsored Programs

Human Subjects Research

The Penn Institutional Review Board’s Standard Operating Policies manual includes details about informed consent and HIPAA authorization, responsibilities of investigators, and more.

Animal Subjects Research

Resources include guidelines, policies, and standard operating procedures dictated by Penn’s Animal Care and Use Committee and University Laboratory Animal Resources.

Conflict of Interest

Find information regarding the University’s Research-Related Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) Program.

Sponsored Research Policies

Online resources include the Sponsored Projects Handbook; policies related to research, financial operations and sponsors; federal OMB Circulars; and more.

Postdoctoral Fellow Policies

Resources include Penn’s Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows and Penn’s Policy for the Appointment of Foreign Nationals Under the Postdoctoral Trainee Program.

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety

Covers policies related to biological safety, chemical waste management, laboratory safety, laser safety, radiation safety, and workplace safety.

Research Misconduct

Comprehensive policies for faculty and for non-faculty members of Penn’s research community.

Patents (PDF)

Penn’s Patent and Tangible Research Property Policy governs the intellectual property created by faculty, employees, students, and guest scholars of the University.



Penn Abroad

Resources include academic and financial policies and expectations for student participants and their study abroad experience.

International Students and Scholars

Find instructions and forms on the full range of requirements for international students and scholars.

Register Your Trip

It is mandatory for all Penn students and all Penn faculty and staff traveling with Penn students on Penn-affiliated trips to register their international travel.



Human Resources Policy Manual

The source for all policies related to employment at Penn, including benefits, compensation, performance, recruitment, sick leave, termination, time off, and more.

Financial Policy Manual

A reference guide for administrators with financial responsibilities at Penn. The manual delineates responsibility, authority, and accountability in matters such as payroll, gifts, travel, and more.


Computing policies and guidelines for each user of the University’s computing resources. Covers topics from mobile devices to networking and security.


Policies and materials to guide faculty, staff, and students who work with personal information. Includes policies on FERPA, SSNs, CCTV, and links to Penn’s Confidential Help and Reporting line.

Facilities Management

Information on design guidelines and standards for all facilities-related work; safety procedures and protocols; and policies associated with outdoor space, signage, and leasing.


Learn about the policies that govern the use of the University’s human resources and payroll platform.


Safety and Security

Penn policies on weapons and other dangerous articles, fire safety, bicycles, and the use of CCTV cameras for safety and security purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Penn policies, please contact Penn’s Confidential Reporting and Helpline at 215-P-COMPLY (215-726-6759) or visit the 215-P-COMPLY website.